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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Welcome to a NEW YEAR and all things NEW to come. We have a new attitude. And some would say that is all it takes to create all new results.

I would be one of those... for change in attitude is the catalyst of how we do create our lives. We have to have the attitude and self-confidence that we can change from the inside. Nothing out there changes us, only we change us. And that is the big job ahead for each of us. Obama has stated his intention and I believe that most of us are along for the ride. So, saddle up, and let's take this ride.

What kind of attitude are you bringing to the 2009 party. Are you all dressed up and ready to party on, with bells and whistles... let's celebrate the vision of 2009 ... the ball is about to drop. What will you be celebrating as your year ends. Write it down. Put it away and next January 1, retrieve your letter to see what you did on purpose, with passion and clarity.

Change is certainly in the air for me. All new mentoring programs, new blogs, websites coming your way. Launching each week over the next two months... watch for and more new things at and with all new products and services for life changing experiences. And of course brings you input, opinion, perspective and wisdom each and every day... come on along for the ride. See you there.

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